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Sigtryggur Jónasson Statue
Sigtryggur Jónasson: Local Hero & National Figure…
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In the long history of the Icelandic people in North America, no individual has done more to establish the Icelandic presence than Sigtryggur Jónasson - the first Icelander to settle in Canada (1872), the ‘Father of New Iceland’, a tireless champion of his countrymen in both Iceland and North America, and a role model as both an Icelander and a Canadian.

In 2008, on recommendation from Manitoba historian Ryan Eyford, the
New Iceland Heritage Museum made application to the Canadian National Historic Sites Directorate to have Sigtryggur Jónasson declared a “Person of National Historic Significance”. This application has been supported by Historical Services Branch researcher Kate MacFarlane with a recommendation that commemoration be situated at Riverton – Sigtryggur’s home community and the site of his administration as the elected head of New Iceland. Confirmation of the designation is expected in 2009-1010.

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The Nes Cemetery Historic Site
Nes Cemetery...
NesThe site of the first community cemetery at Icelandic River, Nes is the resting place of some 30-40 Icelandic pioneer men, women, and children - including 19 who died during the smallpox epidemic of 1876-77. Also the site of numerous aboriginal graves and the setting of much local folklore, this scenic and historic riverbank site has nevertheless suffered neglect and erosion for more than 100 years...
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Other Icelandic River Historic Sites
Other Sites of Interest

Numerous other locations in the Icelandic River area are of historic interest, including such significant sites as historic Sandy Bar Townsite (the location of John & Betsey Ramsay’s gravesites), Víðivellir (home of poet Guttormur J. Guttormsson), the ‘Stopping Place’ at Engimýri, and Ísafold Cemetery – to mention a few. The following listing is for information only and does not indicate proprietorship by Icelandic Heritage Sites Inc.

Most of the sites listed here are on private property and should not be visited except by prior arrangement with the property owners.

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